Huge set of photos from Peggy Hsu's Legacy Taipei concert, La Valse.
Beautiful shots from all angles - some really precious scenes with children, the crowd all blowing bubbles, a confetti shower, etc.
Even the entrance to Legacy was made to appear as though you were stepping into the album cover. =D

(photos by Ding Dong Photography. Posted to Peggy’s fb linked above.)

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Early warning for Chocolate Tiger show dates. They went extra glam for this shoot, I barely recognize any of them! 0_0

Of course, since the drummer wears a mask when they perform, I was probably not going to spot him anyway. =P

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There’s a beautiful set of photos taken by Goodmouse Photography from Manic Sheep's set at Fuji Rock this past weekend.
Chris Lo, dreampop gorgeous!

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doufuhua asked: I can recommend PChome Global for Taiwan CDs. They are cheaper and faster than YesAsia. I've bought mostly DVDs from them, but it seems that they carry some indie bands, like Elephant Gym. You may need to search by the band's Chinese name, but the ordering interface is in English.

Thank you so much for the insight!  =D

I’ll add it to the post, and hopefully, we are building a decent reference for fans who want to support the bands!

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xuut asked: Hey so I really love your blog! I was just wondering if you have any Canto music on here? I'm a Canto speaker (I know 0 words of mando) and was hoping to use music to keep up with canto when I leave home! I'm not much a fan of the c-pop stuff. Thanks so much.

Hi there, thank you for the kind words!   =D

I think the best suggestion would be to go to the FYCI main page, and put Hong Kong in the tag search box. 

It just now returned 123 results, LOL.   Of course, many of those are just mentions of a TW band playing in HK, or some reference to where a photo was taken.   But most of the time, you’ll get a link to a HK band, plus video, audio, etc.

From the photo/description, you can decide if you wanna check it out or move on to the next thing. I hope you find some new music you love!

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Anonymous asked: Hi, Do you have any suggestions for English language websites for buying music (preferably cd/vinyl, but digital also). I know of YesAsia, though the indie selections are limited. faroutdistantsounds on storenvy is very good and Bandcamp has some good stuff also, just looking for any others. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work you do running an awesome site!

Hi there, thank you for getting in touch!!

This is a good question, and I wish had an equally good answer.

For digital buying: has a limited selection (e.g., Peggy Hsu, Deserts), which is a shame because I like that store. Search on an artist and maybe you’ll have luck! has a lot of the indies’ releases. I’ve bought from there many times. (the *mp3 bit rate could be better (*SEE BELOW), but it’s a good way to support the bands, imo) The site is in Chinese, but quite easy to navigate in Chrome, which has Google Translate. Another plus for iNDIEVOX is how close they are to the indie scene, it’s so much more than a store.

iTunes is definitely worth trying. You may get diverted to the US store/TW store, depending on the artist. 

Tenzenmen ( sells thru bandcamp, but they carry a lot of the mainland indies (as well as Australian bands). Lots of punk and noisy things!

You already know about bandcamp, but I want to reiterate how great that site is. High quality, full previews, competitive prices = win, win, win. =) is blocked outside of China (with some possible exceptions, or if you are able to mask your location). It’s a semi-sketchy business proposition for the artists (Lin Di of Cold Fairyland told me the payments are a joke), yet a lot of the mainland bands link to xiami from their douban pages.  (It’s in Chinese, but the process is not too difficult)

For cd:

I haven’t tried far out distant sounds (, but that looks pretty good. 

A lot of the TW indies link to ( when their cds are coming out. I have never bought from there, and I’m not even aware if it ships abroad. In any case, it’s a Chinese site. 

I would say Amazon is nearly useless. What little they have, usually carry an appalling import price. 

A friend of mine suggested going to a record store in your local Chinatown, but I’m imagining a sea of Mandopop & Cantopop, and not so many indies. (I’m basing this on web browsing of a store here in Houston) 

One thing to consider is that the indie labels seem to only do small print runs of their releases, that’s why you often see the out of stock/sold out message at YesAsia, etc.. I’ll add that YesAsia will sometimes have a true bargain price on somewhat older releases, and another thing is if you have the money to put together an order of a few cds, you get a slight break on price. 


So there you go - not much help, I’m sorry!  

If anyone out there has some good suggestions, PLEASE HELP! This is a topic that interests most of us, right? I know we have some bands that occasionally visit FYCI, if you read this, your insights would be most helpful.

Getting some response already! Kanzi58 replied: On Itunes, I’ve found: Come on! Bay Bay! (even their new release), Wonfu, and even Hedgehog. I don’t know who else is there, but it’s definitely worth trying. And just to repeat myself, Xiami seems not to be restricted at all in Canada. Thank you! =D
I’ll add that ma-te lin, Elephant Gym, Tian Yuan (from Hopscotch) are also on iTunes.
Did you know that you can nag iTunes to carry bands? I’ve done that a few times. It’s really a thing, I’m not joking!
*about the iNDIEVOX mp3 bitrate: I just now downloaded the new PiA, and it is 320 kbps - the first that I can recall at that size. Maybe this is a new policy? (So I wonder if I go to re-download past purchase, perhaps they are now also 320?)
More help for this ‘buyer’s guide’, this time from doufuhua: “I can recommend PChome Global for Taiwan CDs. They are cheaper and faster than YesAsia. I’ve bought mostly DVDs from them, but it seems that they carry some indie bands, like Elephant Gym. You may need to search by the band’s Chinese name, but the ordering interface is in English.” Thank you for the help! =D
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Following on from the last post, 詹宇庭 Dorian & 李詠恩 Joshua Lee (?) from Hello Nico were guests of Waa Wei today at Hit FM, there to promote the new ep, Plankton of the City, and the release show this Friday at The WALL.
Prune Deer 話梅鹿 from Hong Kong, and 16mins (16分鐘) from Beijing are also on the bill.
The YT channel that uploads Waa’s radio interviews/promo has already got this interview posted, check it out: 20140729 OH夜DJ vs. Hello Nico

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Hit Fm OH 夜DJ 9pm〜11pm
重播 宵夜DJ 2am〜4am
嘿 是這樣嗎
嘿 受夠了啊
/ Hello Nico - 出走


Hey! Radio WaaWaa interviewed Hello Nico in-studio on her Monday show.
Catch the re-broadcast from 1-3 Central time US. According to the playlist, it looks like Hello Nico is on at the beginning of the second hour, spanning two segments. In other words, a nice long visit! =D
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via iamwaa


Next gig will be at Hokage (Osaka)


Long road trip for Deer, HK to Osaka!
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Party Star Show channel uploaded all of PIA樂團's set from Wake Up Fest, and this is PiA band with little Wing on full drum kit! =D
Lemme tell you, she’s a skilled, fluid player, and she & Chen Baicheng make up a fine rhythm section; listening to the whole set, you can hear they’ve worked out many clever details for these songs.
The only slight detraction is PiA’s guitar was a little low in volume, probably due to where the cameraman was standing, picking up more stage sound than front end sound? (that’s just my guess).

By the way, this is the title track from the new album, Ain’t Life A Surprise. (view the lyrics at StreetVoice)

One more thing - Party Star has a ton of video from the festival, including sets from Fire EX, Mister Mouth, Mixer, etc., etc.. =)

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A second song has been posted from Dracula City, the new We Save Strawberries (草莓救星) album.
It’s another beauty: Quiet verses, with melodic bass lines and background keys/electronica, then a burst of wailing & distorted guitar. Building with singalong chorus to a massive ending. NICE!

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Dansheng Music Festival, Spring 2014 - Promo

I just saw this on Jingweir tumblr but I get a 404 message when I try to reblog, so I’ll just post direct from Vimeo.

This is a promo for “a new DIY music festival by the beach, in the Chinese city of Dalian. It is organised by Han Linlin and Xie Yugang from Echo Books & Coffee, plus other musicians from local bands Wang Wen, Doc Talk Shock and Which Park.
The first festival was held on 10&11 May 2014 and featured 10 bands from Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and USA. The second festival is planned for 30th August 2014.

The song that plays during the clip is by Hiperson 海朋森.
All of the commentary and interview snippets is in English / or captioned in English.

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Some live shots & promo:
Ricing Star (Emily & Jei-Ann) at SOUND Live House in Taichung from this weekend, the photos they posted are great, I hope they have some video coming as well.
Hello Nico still from their recent video I hope you had the chance to watch, and some (Google translated) raves from TW indie luminaries:
Chien-Chi Chen: “Building a world only needs five songs, the first five songs worth listening to quiet down."
Waa WeiHer voice stick the gap between loneliness and freedom, then it makes fall into the illusion of magic."
Echo's Bo Cang: “amazing words, I was most appropriate for Hello Nico feelings regardless of the music, lyrics, singing, I imagine will be the new generation of electric orchestra. far beyond. "
We Save Strawberries posted a collage from their upcoming video to promote the new album.
Paige Su wants YOU to get ready for her new ep. =D
Great shot of OmOi (P!SCO) from an impossible angle, yesterday at Wake Up Fest. Seriously, there was no balcony - maybe the camera was held aloft with a stick…? 0_0
Finally, Pilots In The Sky And On The Sea 旅人 from an earlier event called Day of the Spring Festival (photo by Ann Takemoto). I hope you listened to their ep we posted from yesterday!

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Yesterday I went to Olympic Forest Park in Beijing to make a few live recordings with some guys from various bands in Beijing.

Wang Xiu on percussion  (The Gar/White Plus)

Yan Shuai & Li on percussion and electric guitar (Da Bang)

Quan Xin on resonator guitar (Chaos/Mii/Xin Ma You Jiang)


Myself on pipa

The trees were full of cicadas and no one gave us any trouble.  Should post some excerpts at a later date, but I have a feeling this might be a reoccurring thing.  


Nice way to spend the day! =D
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China Music Radar, EDM piece ›


China Music Radar, a wide ranging source covering much of what is happening across the country (and if you remember also unwittingly gave me a boost in exposure by writing a blog about my blog) has shared a piece covering the #EDM festival. While electronic music isn’t necessarily my gig or…


I’ll pass it along as well, ‘cos I know we have some electronica fans among readers.
The closest thing FYCI has posted/linked to EDM is maybe an Olivia Yan / Utopia remix.
She sometimes will take one of her mid-tempo, ethereal songs and turn it into a drum & bass techno thing. Probably very useful for when she does a deejay + vocal set, which is obviously completely different from a Utopia acoustic duo gig.
I recommend you have a look at her SoundCloud, you can see what I’m talking about. Between her own creations and her guest vocal appearances, she really branches out into glitchy, ambient, dark electronic directions.