Hom Shenhao / “A New Presage Of Dope EP”
Summer 2014


Hom Shenhao (洪申豪). He links to a facebook for his personal label Petit Alp Records, but the link is broken.
There is a page for his ‘big’ band: Hom Shenhao & HBO Orchestra, but it has no recent activity. I think the Petit Alp tumblr page is the best source of info, unless somebody can chime in with another?

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Headphone #manicsheep #fujirock


=D Good luck to Manic Sheep, on their way to play Fuji Rock Festival this weekend. (awesome video promo for the fest at the link)

stayinblue was kind enough to put the new Carrchy 卡奇社 song on SoundCloud so listeners/fans outside of China can enjoy, without being ip-blocked. Thank you so much! =D

Hear the elusive new Carrchy song! ›

Big thank you to the readers who offered suggestions on how to hear the song on (which is *blocked outside of China).
lililein suggested using a proxy/unblock app within the browser. (so far this was unsuccessful for me, timed out on a few tries)
stayinblue suggested going to Carrchy 卡奇社 weibo microblogging site, and the song is embedded there. (an xiami music player, yet it allows playback!)
You may need to make a weibo log-in to listen, I’m not sure. (I was logged in before trying the link) Besides the new song, there are some re-mixes plus recent(?) demos, and also a few songs from their 2007 album, 日光倾城.
Now for the song, 潦草的他. It sounds like vintage Carrchy: Fly’s beautiful production and Keli’s intoxicating vocal. Really, it’s as if they picked up right where they left off!
If you are unfamiliar with Carrchy, and want to know what all the fuss is about, start HERE. =D

*Kanzi58 mentioned that works just fine in Canada. Just more proof that everyone loves Canada! =P

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New Carrchy song? ›

Sadly, every time I try to visit, I get the dreaded “Xiami is currently not availble in you country.” message. (And I still have some xiami store credit, which is very annoying) =(
But maybe somebody have a listen, and if there is a new Carrchy 卡奇社 song, I would love to hear it - maybe post it to Youku, YT or SoundCloud or something?
The band linked to a new song - but over at - I wish they would have posted it to their douban, with their other demos & stuff.

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1 day ago on July 22, 2014 at 01:17am
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Listen to Stolen perform live in Beijing, China | New Music | Impose Magazine ›


The other day, I held a show in Beijing. It was a really big deal to me that Chengdu based STOLEN trekked over 1,000 miles just to play for us all at Yugong Yishan. Here’s their live set, taken out of the soundboard, and mixed by Michael Cupoli while we’re on the road. If you spread one thing I’ve posted in the last year, please make it this one. This young band deserves it. The first three songs are new. I’ll never shut up about this band. I’ve booked another show AUG 8 on my return to China, with Hiperson and The Maples (Chongqing) …. so. Enjoy. Share it. New friends. Old friends. Turn it up. Picture these maniacs going bonkers. Much more to come from this night. Cheers.


They traveled 1000 miles to play this gig, wow, that is a long haul! I hope the journey involved a high speed train! 0_0
Anyway, I’m enjoying the stolen/秘密行动 set from this gig; solid, danceable rock, mixed with some electronica, and sung in English (the songs I’ve heard so far, at least)
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Title track from Dracula City, just shared by We Save Strawberries!
The official release date is Sept 2nd, and the album launch is August 30 at Legacy Taipei.

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I think this is a preview for a movie called 大宅們 My Geeky Nerdy Buddies, and the song in the clip is Waa Wei's My Dad's Pen. (Waa posted the link on her fb)
It looks very silly. =D

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Lots of response when Ma-te Lin (林瑪黛) asked for pet photos for a video! =D
I wish I could read the stories, but I’m guessing there must have been many animal rescues & adoptions among these submissions.
And yeah, this is a gorgeous song, wow!

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When I was looking up some info for the last post, I found this video from APHASIA (阿飛西雅).
I was trying to figure out Celine Ling’s last name, and she happens to appear in this video, which was directed by her Chocolate Tiger bandmate, Enno Cheng.
You can see the full credits back at the Vimeo page.
Post rock fans will dig this, it sounds quite good. The visual gets a little strange and messy with tomatoes @ 3 minutes in. 0_0

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Tonight (Saturday) was the album launch show for Queen Suitcase at The WALL, and they had help from a pair of Bearbabes, and also Green!Eyes's Yuchain Wang (who engineered/recorded the new QS album at Rooftop Audio). Yuchain ran sound and was a playing guest, if I understand correctly. After the show, the entire bunch went for a celebratory dinner. That's a great scene, the kind of thing that makes being in a band seem very special. =D
PiA and the band spent a sunny day at the beach down south, and then (of course) it rained during their show at Tiehua Music Village in Taitung City. They said they had a good turnout, but doesn’t it look soggy?
Little Wing posted a shot of her *set-up, with a list of what’s involved: “Cajon+Bass pedal+Hi-hat+Cymbals+snare drum+ Glockenspiel" (I asked about melodica - she is also playing that, plus harmonica) *the word she used was either fortress or castle, LOL
Finally, Chocolate Tiger were doing a photo shoot yesterday, but it was also bassist Celine Ling’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Celine! =)
[Okay, on an embarrassing note, I wished her a Happy B’day, and joking asked if she had gotten some of the Chocolate cake on her arm, but… no: “thx ~~ !! that’s my birthmark~~ not chocolate~~hahaha~!!" (d’oh!)] =D

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This is Sarah Cheng-De Winne (鄭雪梅), a jazz/soul vocalist from Singapore, with a funky acoustic version of 我要我們在一起 (I Want Us To Be Together), written by 李泉 (Li Quan), made famous by Mavis Fan.
Sarah has a LOT of videos on her channel, so check that out!

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This is Rose Liu Mingxiang (劉明湘) and her band, covering the famous song 我要我們在一起 (I Want Us To Be Together), written by 李泉 (Li Quan), and which was the title track of Mavis Fan's 1999 album.
Yuran Session
Just for the heck of it, I will post another very different version of this great tune. =D

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Performance video of The Huiting, Hui-Ting Chen (陳惠婷) of Tizzy Bac at Legacy not long ago, interspersed with interviews of fans outside the venue.
In the clip, you can see that the band has no bass guitarist, but Achino is playing the bass line on a keyboard with his left hand, and playing chords with his right hand on another keyboard.
Hui-ting will be at TADA Ark Live House in Taichung on Saturday.

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Solo song from Emily Pu (卜星慧) of Ricing Star (米星星與她的好伙伴). She plays everything in this, layering on the fly with her looping unit. =)
There is lots to hear back at her YT channel - covers (TW and International) plus more originals, and some fun things.

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