Some fresh things:
Taipei Picnic Club (台北野餐俱樂部) was on Saturday, with performances from Elephant Gym (大象體操) and Freckles 雀斑. — Actually, this Freckles photo was from Beastie Rock.
The upside of having an injured arm and not being able to play guitar: check out Ben Ben hoisting a beer while she sings! =D
There’s a new collaboration between Dadado Huang Jie (黃玠) and The Girl and the Robots. On paper that seems very strange to pair the acoustic with the synthpop, but we shall see hear…
2 photos of Pilots In The Sky And On The Sea 旅人, taken at Beastie Rock last weekend. The B&W one looks very dramatic, eh? I really like that shot!

Listen/purchase: 後車窗 by micro. 莫可

micro. 莫可 is a trio of Pada Forest on guitar, Sherry Lin on bass, and Matilda Wu on drums.
This is from their 後車窗 ep, released in April of this year.
I think Sherry has gone to Los Angeles to study at the Musicians Institute for 2 years, and Micro posted a need for a temporary bass player on fb.
Micro have earlier releases back at bandcamp. By the way, Micro were formerly a band called 黑摩卡 Black Mocha, but they ceased activity under that name in Oct. 2013.

This is from the recent Beastie Rock Festival: the band BB彈 / B.B. Bomb bringing newlyweds Che-Yu ‘Levon’ Hsu & Apple onstage, to help them celebrate. =D
Levon Hsu is the long time bass player for Tizzy Bac; he also plays with Frandé and Green!Eyes. Not sure how he ever found the time to be in a relationship, LOL.

The guitarist on the far left is Pada, and she is also in the band micro. 莫可. They play a more complex style, so let’s hear some of that next…

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Fight for your right ... to picnic - Taipei Times ›


Taipei Picnic Club (台北野餐俱樂部) holding an event tomorrow, with Elephant Gym (大象體操) and Freckles 雀斑 among the performers! =D
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Live set of Muppet 布偶乐队, band comes on at about 1:50.
Very tight, sounding just like the recordings at douban. Dual guitars, lots of double kick drum. =)
No listing given for the venue.
By the way, going back thru the videos listed on this YT channel, he’s got a lot of mini-sets (and full sets) from heavy bands and other indies. And if you have ever looked at rock bands on YT, many times the live sound is too much for the camera/audio inputs. This channel seems to have that under control! =D

So I suggest just scrolling thru and see if anything there appeals to you. Already, I spot a set from Glow Curve!

dramarathon asked: THAT SECOND HAND ROSE PROMO... SOOOO MUCH SWAG even though it looks like they made it using PPT at home xDDDD


Everything about that band is strangely compelling; the cross dressing, the unique lead vocal, the instrumentation, and the overall theatrical presentation. This is a band that long ago stopped worrying about outside opinion!  If you look at their fb, I think they even started their own line of clothing. …. LOL, not really my thing, heh-heh  =D

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all sorts of things:
Remember the fellow in Kaohsiung that hired Elephant Gym (大象體操) to play a BBQ party at his place a few months ago? His name is Jeff Kuan, and he’s putting on his own festival, LOL.
Obviously, this is a guy who is serious about music!! He’s got a crowdfunding campaign in progress, over halfway to the goal, with about a week left. That site lists many things Mr. Kuan has been involved in, lots of indies support. I think he must be just one of those music fans that becomes well known within the scene for being a constant presence at shows, and being supportive of a lot of bands. Anyway, I love him, without even knowing him. =D
The two mainland bands we posted (reblogged from meanbearmedia) today: A live shot of Muppet 布偶乐队, and a promo for 机车绅士乐队 Locomotive-Gentlemen; I think this is the cover of an ep or album.
Riecky Lu came back from France, and now NineteenTael (十九兩) are gonna do a gig at Kafka By The Sea on the 26th. Achino volunteered for this promo? omg.
I don’t know where this gig was, but check out out Ben Ben with her arm in a sling. The show must go on! =D
Misi Ke (柯泯薰) was featured guest of Spark Chen at his Legacy Taichung solo concert. In the one clip I saw so far, Misi sang a song by Quarterback (四分衛), starting out solo, but by the end, the entire band had joined in, with Spark Chen singing the harmony on his own band’s song. By the way, in the photo, that’s Misi sitting on the tall chair. =)
Finally, new show update banners from Anniedora(安妮朵拉) and Paige Su (蘇珮卿)

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Help Beijing Punk Band SUBS Reach the US for a 2014 Tour ›




Why not a couple more dates in Canada? I mean, Montreal is not that far from Boston… And very musician-friendly!


SUBS to the US!
kanzi58 is bumming that yet another band is bypassing the true north strong and free. But I see on the tentative schedule at that kickstarter link that the band will bypass Houston, so I’m also out of luck.
We have lots of SUBS posts/links going back a few years; click the tag or search ‘subs’ from the main FYCI page.


布偶乐队 playing at XiJinDu Hifi Zhenjiang China 2014


Another band that’s new to me, the high energy metal band Muppet 布偶乐队.
Plenty to hear under the ‘Demo’ heading at their douban; it sounds radio-ready to me! =D


Tomorrow at the newly opened DDC.

A couple changes to this line-up.  No Jerk Kerouac from Malaysia and JFI is also out.  However LOBEKRAFT instead. 


机车绅士乐队 playing in Zhenjiang China 2014. 


机车绅士乐队 Locomotive-Gentlemen. You can hear a few tunes at that douban page. Listening to the song Embrace from (their ep?) Send You A Horse atm — very polished indie rock, very melodic. =D

Now THIS is how you do promo! =D
Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰)

This is the Singapore band Lunarin. They have been together over 18 years! (including a bit of hiatus here & there, I suppose)
They self-describe as Alternative Rock, Goth, Metal; this recording for Snakeweed Sessions is stripped down to acoustic, and it’s beautiful, keeping the intensity of the band. At the time of this 2012 session, Lunarin had recently released an ep called The Midas Sessions, which you can find on their bandcamp.
doufuhua recommended them to me, thank you! =D
About Snakeweed Sessions - this Singapore effort is very similar to The WKND Sessions from Malaysia. They both bring in an indie band for live performances and also record an interview clip. I recommend subscribing to both. =D

By the way, Snakeweed Sessions are also on the tumblr. Looking at the playlists, I’m not seeing any recent activity, but hopefully the channel will resume at some point.


Midi Shanghai Changjiang Music Festival 2014 line up. Looks good.


hm… I can’t decipher too much of that, but I’m quite sure that PIA (KR) is not the same band as PiA (TW) =D

Someone Like You
银川 铜管LIVEHOUSE 2014 April 13
© Deer 2014
Adriana (Voice & percussion), Miguel (Keyboard & computer), Aldo (Drums)
Lovely live clip from Deer. =D
They have been posting photos of themselves in *Mariachi outfits on fb, but I don’t think they are abruptly changing their musical style, LOL. The band have a couple of HK dates coming up: Y-Concept STAGE 42 on Sept. 20, and Rock Angel Band House on the 28th. (Both dates are multi-band events.) *Miguel informed me that it was just a photo shoot to promote the China tour. =D