A moment of levity: Celine from Chocolate Tiger (猛虎巧克力), thinks about switching from bass to drums, LOL. =P
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The sister duo 2-halves (Chintung & Chinlui Tse 芊彤說 & 芊蕾說) with a protest song titled FUCY.

I think ‘F.U.C.Y.’ stands for Fuck You, CY.
(CY is Chun-ying Leung, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong) The expression has been around for at least a couple of years. Here it is in a 2012 story from The Guardian.

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8tracks radio | Cool Chinese (9 songs) | free chinese pop and cool music playlist ›


Speaking of mixes, I just enjoyed this short mix this morning. Nice & mellow, with Cheer, Waa, Crowd Lu, and more. =D
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Anonymous asked: please share more playlists!! they are wonderful!!!

Hi there!  I agree, the playlists are great.  =D  

You can find previous mixes by searching for *c-indie mix on our main page, and find more information about creating & submitting your own mix HERE.

*The search should bring up at least 8 playlists.  

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Another sweet song from Star Radio (小城星電台)!

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SOUND Live House in Taichung is putting on something called OOPS! Music Party starting tomorrow. A lot of these acts were new to me (Google is going to send me a bill for all the searching I just did, guh) Anyway, there are links for almost every band. Do me a favor and click on something… anything.

Oops!! Music Party at 草悟廣場 草悟廣場音樂派對節目表
10/18 (六)
14:00~14:45 嚴梵
15:00~15:45 好事花生 Good News
16:00~16:45 IRON PUNCH 鐵擊
17:00~17:45 都市零件派對 City PartSy
18:00~19:30 Swing Jazz Dance
20:00~21:00 Paige Su (蘇珮卿)
21:15~22:00 The Girl and the Robots

14:00~14:45 New Sunglasses 新墨鏡
15:00~15:45 丘與樂
16:00~16:45 你們你們 YOU-S
17:00~17:45 青春大衛 Young David
18:00~18:45 Likky Huang (黃立綺) & 胡利基 (Ricky Hu)
19:00~19:45 Queen Suitcase (皇后皮箱)20:15~21:00 Mister Mouth (嘴哥樂團)
21:15~22:00 The Frengers

18:00~18:45 Dr. James & Medical Team (Dr.詹姆士&醫療團隊)
19:00~19:45 潘雲安 Edward
20:15~21:00 吳東穎
21:15~22:00 阿樂 Wallace

18:00~18:45 晨禱樂團 Dawn Prayer
19:00~19:45 Glory Day’z-GD’z
20:15~21:00 Niam Niam
21:15~22:00 EVER GREEN

18:00~18:45 Rosy 玫瑰紅
20:15~21:00 少女情懷 The Girl’s Mood
21:15~22:00 炸彈客 The Bombers

18:00~18:45 Cat God 貓神
19:00~19:45 江東成名
20:15~21:00 牧羊少女 Shepherd Girl
21:15~22:00 鋁製玫瑰 Aluminum Rose

18:00~18:45 茄子蛋 Eggplantegg
19:00~19:45 脫序派對 Mofo Party
20:15~21:00 廢結合 Crap United
21:15~22:00 海文吐酒 Haven’t Told You

14:00~14:45 Bling High 不厲害
15:00~15:45 The Bluebird 青鳥合唱團
16:00~16:45 舒舒與ㄅㄒ Shu & BC
17:00~17:45 Soundboss 騷包樂團
18:00~18:45 Nightcap (睡帽樂團)
19:00~19:45 Utopia (世外桃源樂團)
20:15~21:00 P!SCO
21:15~22:00 Sadon & The Fader (山東)

13:15~14:00 一步 One Step
14:15~15:00 Shoot UP
15:15~16:00 Ching Yi 青衣
16:15~17:00 拾參樂團 (the 13 band)
17:15~18:00 Wang Hui Chu (王彙筑)
18:15~19:00 痞克四 Picks
19:15~20:00 方炯嘉 aJia
20:15~21:00 Mixer (麋先生 / Mr. Moose)
21:15~22:00 管罄 Kris Kuan

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Following on from the last post, here’s Taipei Cases 台北公案. I really like this! =D

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This is the band Taipei Cases 台北公案 with Funck (vocal), Chen Han 陳翰 (drums), Nelson Wu (bass), Hsu Lao 徐老 (guitar).
They really have a solid sound, kinda bluesy alt-rock. I think they formed in 2012.
And if we’re keeping track of such things, I think this makes 4 bands for drummer Chen Han. (Bearbabes, Miss Banana, Iron House, Taipei Cases) =)
They have a bunch of songs to hear at iNDIEVOX and YouTube.
So let’s hear a song next…

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Solo song from Spark Chen 火花 / 陳如山, the singer from Quarterback (四分衛). Recorded for Yuran Session.

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Title: P!SCOmOi Artist: P!SCO 34 plays

Apparently P!SCO made a ‘war-song' out of OmOi's name during one of their songs, and now they turned it into a ringtone. (I converted it to mp3 for tumblr, but the original ringtone - m4r file - is available at OmOi’s fb. And the live video can be seen at the P!SCO fb. =D

Can anybody tell me what they shout at the end of each “OooooooomOi”?

#p!sco  #OmOi  #ringtone  #music  #taiwan  #photo  #link  
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辮子 - Hello Nico ›


Beautiful new song from Hello Nico, Dorian Jhan sounds wonderful!

More about the song, thanks to tradchinesechars: The song is the theme song for a student film called 辮子 (Dear My Sister), a production by senior students at the Taipei National University of the Arts.
Thank you so much! =D
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Just a note for my tmblr friend #placidian . This song by KanKan (侃侃) is a rendition of a famous poem by Li Qingzhao (李清照 - 1081–c. 1141), a woman poet from the Song dynasty. KanKan is better known for an earworm she wrote, 滴答 (Dida, or ‘TicToc’, for the sound of a clock), that could be heard everywhere in Yunnan in 2011. Most of her other songs are fairly standard chinese pop ballads, nice but not to my taste, but that’s what the market likes… Nothing on Itunes, but plenty on Youtube and Xiami. The version of this song on KanKan’s album (on Xiami) is actually sang a-capella. I have no idea who did the music for the Youtube video.

BTW, Gong Linna also sang a couple of Li Qingzhao’s poems, especially 却上心头 (que shang xin tou), which is in another of my 8tracks mixes, and another one I can’t remember the name…

Li Qingzhao’s poetry is just fabulous. I now think it’s worth learning Chinese if only to be able to read Chinese poetry!… Li Bai, Su Dongpo, Li Qingzhao… all extraordinary poets. Chinese poetry is notoriously difficult to translate. This here has French subtitles, that are my own personal take at a translation of that poem, probably very imperfect, but I take full responsibility… I was just dissatisfied with other translations I found.


More on KanKan (侃侃), from kanzi58. If you saw the previous posted 8tracks mix, it began with 2 songs from KanKan, and they were more acoustic folk than this, as I recall. (I tried to refresh my memory, but 8tracks will shuffle the playback to a mix you recently heard, LOL)

8tracks radio | 游园惊梦 (12 songs) | free chinese indie and taiwan indie music playlist ›


Lovely mix of the old & new. Some things I hadn’t heard before (e.g. 侃侃/kankan), and a few of my very favorites (e.g. Carrchy) as well. =D
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The SUBs playing Shanghai Midi 2014


Not sure when this set was taken, but I recently saw on fb that Josh (the drummer from SUBS) broke his left kneecap, so the band had to postpone their North American tour. They hope to reschedule to trip abroad.

Lives recent and upcoming:
iNCH Chua announced 2 dates for CMJ Music Marathon in NYC:
Pete’s Candy Store x Tues x Oct 21 x 11pm
FAT BABY NYC x Fri x Oct 24 x 8:45pm
行李樂團 Xing Li Band posted a slate of shows, and I think the first date is at Legacy mini.
NineteenTael (十九兩) were part of a recent StreetVoice TV/Next Big Thing TW show. I’ve seen the promo clip, but not the actual performance. Just going by the little bit in the promo, it would appear they played one of their epic story-pieces, (“Detective Martino”) rather than just shorter more conventional songs. But like I said, I only saw a promo. =)
Gorgeous shot posted by a fan to ANN (白安) Bai Ann's fb.
Star Radio (小城星電台) posing with their new cd. =D
Manic Sheep and the crowd during Pop! Pop! Fest last Saturday.
P!SCO have a busy stretch ahead: shows, lecture/performance gigs, leading up to a big ‘Thank You’ concert in early December. (I’ll have more on that very soon)
Elisa Lin (林依霖) rehearsing for her album release show next week.

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